TEA SISTEMI SpA is a private company that provides research, development and consultancy services in energy and environment sector. The activities cover the fields of environmental engineering, health safety and environmental risk analysis, subsea, topside and downhole processing and separation. TEA also supports internal R&D activities and develops proprietary knowhow, which now represents a consistent asset of the Company. The Company currently employs about 40 qualified people and it is divided into five Business Areas, each one running also specific R&D activities, carried out in TEA both under internal research programs and external sponsorship (regional, national, European projects). Among the latter (limiting to last 3 years), TEA took part in the following EU partnerships:

  • FREEWAT: Free & Open Source Software Tools for Water Resources Management (H2020 – Water4a2014, 2015-2017, Grant Agreement. N. 642224) , where TEA led the software development activity.
  • MARSOL  (FP7 ENV.2013.WATER INNO&DEMO1, 2013-2016, Grant Agreement N. 619120), where TEA was responsible for modeling and ICT activities in an Italian demo site.

TEA is part of the Action Group 128 of the EIP Water Action Groups (EC), named MAR(solutions)toMARket. [ ]. Through the project FREEWAT, TEA is part of the European Cluster ICT for Water , a cluster collecting partners coming from European funded R&D projects. Since 2015, TEA SISTEMI is Member of the Italian National Technology Cluster on SmartCommunities

TEA owns an ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management (Body CISQ/IMQCSQ –certification n. 9175 TEAS); and a Certification for Environmental Quality, ISO14001:2015 (CISQ/IMQCSQ – n°9191 TEAS). TEA is also registered as a qualified company within Achilles Joint Qualification System for Norway and South Europe.


STEAM was born in 1987 as an engineering company to operate into the Energy and Environmental Sector with particular reference to Geothermal Energy development. Its principal partners were coming from Enel, having many years of experience in geothermal field with particular reference to drilling, reservoir engineering and geological geophysical survey studies.
STEAM has cooperated with the most significant geothermal firms (ENEL Green Power, ELC Electroconsult, DAL, Geotermica Italiana) providing consulting, operational and training services in the development, assessment and evaluation of worldwide geothermal resources.
In the last decades, the addition of new partners with a great experience in consulting services and the tight collaboration with worldwide environmental consulting company (ERM Group), consolidated Company’s competences in environmental services, and STEAM collaborated to Institutional Strengthening Programs with International Organizations (World Bank, EBRD, Italian Ministry of Environment) and was involved in audits and restoration projects; as, for example, of industrial sites of Pancevo (for the Italian Ministry of Environment) and Bor in Serbia, which are both UNEP environmental hot spots.
In the meantime, the Geothermal Division of STEAM carried out a reconnaissance study of the Italian Medium Enthalpy Geothermal Resources and cooperated with private financial investors to apply for Geothermal Research Permits in Italy.
The Company is now organized on a small permanent basis of few technicians and a wide, open and flexible team of very experienced geologists and engineers, who have successfully accomplished projects on almost every continent.
STEAM decided to expand its focus to the international geothermal market, and with this aim is carrying out an evaluation of the possible areas of intervention, starting from the geographical areas and Countries where the members of its team have experience, having worked in the past, as Latin America, NorthAmerica, China, East Africa, Indonesia, Middle East…

GIS3W is a company specialized in the design and creation of complete systems for cartographic data management, combining the experience in the geomatics sector with that of server and web applications. The company is active both in the field of service for private entities, as well as in large project founded by regional and national autorities  such as:

RSE – Research on the Energy System

CNR-IRPI – Institute for Hydrogeological Protection

IREA – Institute for the Electromagnetic Detection of the Environment 

IBAM – Institute for the Archaeological and Monumental assets

CREA – Council for Research in Agriculture and the analysis of Agricultural Economics.