WP1 : Numerical model development

Description Development of codes for each typical unit of geothermal plants and their subsequent integration within the available code for predicting the fluid dynamic behavior of multiphase and multicomponent flows in wells, piping and process components.

This activity consists in the development of a specialization of the MAST code, for each of the component typically included in a geothermal plant. MAST is a transient onedimensional
multiphase flow simulator based on a pressure velocity coupling scheme. The code can at present simulate the multiphase flows of a multicomponent mixture encountered in either a single monobranch or a network, having both converging and diverging topology. The code can simulate the presence of process plant equipment such as valves, controllers, separators, pigging and multiphase pump. Within the scope of the current WP, the relevant tasks that will be accomplished will be the following:

  • Implementation of a modelling approach capable to simulate the multiphase flow of a monocomponent mixture (i.e. steam and water), whereby the energy equation of the (multiphase)
    fluid will be rewritten for a newly defined state variable which will allow for a physical solution of the temperature field in the
  • Code parallelization using the OpenMP API, whereby the targeted deployment architectures will be represented by shared memory machines. The envisaged parallelization will enable a code speedup in the order of 16x.
  • Definition of a near wellbore model for geothermal wells, based on the application of litrature models.
  • Development of specifics models for geothermal power plant process (e.g. steam turbines, heat exchangers, reinjection pumps)



On Going



1.1 MAST models for geothermal process components
1.2 MAST user guide for geothermal process plants simulation and design