The installed geothermal capacity in the European Union to 28 states currently amounts to 1850 MWe and generates an annual output of electricity over 12 TWh. IEA foresees in 2030 a tripling of current geothermal generation.The liberalization of the geothermal market will increase research permits (only in Italy over 50 permits were given in 20142016), but still geothermal plant and networks design is approached by mostly in house tools, seldom qualified by third parties, with low calculation power,no distributed access for team working, and no capability of forecasting plant behaviour for design optimization and safety analyses. To fill this thecnological gap, the PROGEO prohject has been proposed and funded by Tuscany Region under H2020 Program.

PROGEO is a project jointly developed by TEASISTEMI, STEAM and GIS3W companies, with the aim to realize a cloud-base application for design and  managing geothermal power plant.  The main features of the project are:

  • A mathematical computational core able to control and predict the geothermal plant process performances (at both levels, surface and sub-surface), and their specification for each particular plant unit based on a massive parallel calculation engine;
  • A cloud-base infrastructure to deploy model data, to manage model settings and simulations queue.
  • A desktop interface as front-end for the Final User, from which actively apply PROGEO capabilities, direct connected with the remote application server.

PROGEO Working Model

PROGEO project is organized in five Work Packages (WPs), with an overall duration of 18 months. A list of WPs is here reported:

  • WP1: Development of codes for each typical unit of geothermal plants
  • WP2: Model debugging and validation
  • WP3: PROGEO back-end development
  • WP4: Development of PROGEO WUI (Web User interface)
  • WP5: Development of PROGEO Virtual platform

Project co-funded by the programme POR FESR Toscana 2014-20120

Progetto co-finanziato dal POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020